Jean Lambert served as London’s Green MEP from 1999-2019.  

She chaired the European Parliament’s delegation to South Asia for 10 years and has been involved in progressive politics and part of many cross-party groups tackling discrimination and poverty. 

She has expertise and has legislated on numerous areas including employment rights, civil liberties, migration and asylum policy, the environment, as well as Brexit.  Jean has worked on policy and legislation on access to healthcare, and the importance of an ethical supply chain in the garment and textile industry at an EU level.

Since 2007 Jean has been working on initiatives promoting the Green New Deal, particularly in the field of Green Jobs.

She has participated in European Union election observation missions in Africa and Asia, and was a winner of The Parliament Magazine ’s award for her human rights work.  Jean ran for President of the European Parliament in 2018.  Jean is the Green Party of England & Wales national spokesperson on migration.  

Jean is an experienced keynote speaker, panelist, moderator of conferences.

Before becoming an MEP she was a secondary school teacher in East London.

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